Meet Samantha Bourque

Samantha was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma.  It is a very rare soft tissue cancer.  Unfortunately, we did not find it until it had gone from a lump in her right hip into her femur.  It ate a hole in her greater trochaic and half of her femur had to be replaced.  She was diagnosed at the age of 19, the summer after her freshman year at Bryant University.  In her 22 month battle, Samantha had 11 surgeries.  She recovered amazingly with every single one but her cancer kept persisting.  She passed away on May 26, 2012 at the age of 21.

The most definitive word our family could use to describe Samantha is AMAZING!  She was the most loving, beautiful, caring, upbeat, faith-filled, amazing daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend anyone could ask for.  She always had a beautiful, bright smile on her face.  She was driven, organized and energetic – she loved life to the fullest every day of her life!

Samantha loved so many types of music – country, pop, hip/hop, musicals and many other types – so many genres from so many eras (not just current music).  I always joked with her that she was born in the wrong era.  She loved music from the 60’s & 70’s.  A few of her current favorites were Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts and any music that came from the show Glee!  She was a Gleek!!

Fittingly, Samantha and her older cousin only by 8 months (one of the brosins) Nicholas were dubbed at a very early age as the giggle twins.  Whenever they were together – which was a lot – they would be giggling at something.  She did so many things that would make us laugh that it is hard to think of just a couple.  The thing we remember the most is how we all used to laugh together – and that (and sooooo many more things) is what we miss so much without her being here!  Samantha brought so much love and joy to our family – life has not and will never be the same without her.

She loved clothes shopping – and was frugal with her money – using coupons or getting things on sale whenever she could.  Like I said, born in the wrong era with regards to music, I also think that was the case with clothing.  She loved the clothing styles of the 20’s through the 50’s.  The flapper dresses of the 20’s to the poodle skirts in the 50’s – she loved it all.  She also loved to drive to Bryant in her 2010 Honda Fit Sport.  She looked so cute in it.  They were a perfect “fit” together!

Samantha’s most favorite time was being with her family – doing anything!  She loved to hang out with her brother Adam (giving him big sister advice), going to watch her brosins (no that is not a typo – BROSIN’S is what she called her boy cousins – they were so close to her that she thought they were her brothers more than her cousins so she made up the word brosin – brother/cousin) play baseball, football and basketball.  She especially loved playing games (whether it be board games or card games) with her family.  Samantha love to cook and bake (during the holidays especially).  She also LOVED to do crafts and scrapbook.  She was great at it.  She was an amazing athlete – from 10 to 13 she was playing softball competitively on a Jr. Olympic team.   She was a 4 year varsity softball player during high school.  She loved going with her high school friends to the beach and spending time with her college friends at Bryant University.  One of her favorite things was just doing a sleep over with her best friend  – watching movies and drinking chocolate milk!  Samantha loved life – and she repeatedly told me she loved HER life!